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, ϳ 湮Ͻʽÿ Boracay Ʈ Ƹٿ ȹ , غ ƮԴϴ ̴. װ ڿ ڳ ׸ Ư Ÿ̴.

Ʈ, - aircondition մԵ ϴ 40 ߴ. ſ ϰ ΰ ޽.

ǿ airconditions ܿ, Ͱ ްִ. Ͼ غ ̴ Ƹٿ ִ . ׵鵵 -, 150 ִ ۷ ü Բ ִ߰.

ȯ ȯ븦 , ׵ ⿡ մ ó - Ÿ̸ Ǵ¾ϴ.

Ƹٿ ü غ Ʈ پ ϰ 񽺿 ⿡ и - Ͼ غ ġó - Boracay ٶϴ.



ġ Ʈ, ʸɿ ȭ ܱ õ κ ڽ ã ھ. ׵ ڽŵ ϴ Բ Ư ູ ãʽÿ. 츮 ȫ ε ˾ƺʽÿ.

ŷ մϴ. 츮 Ȩ 湮Ͻʽÿ.




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