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Island Boracay Activities

Water Sports
At Island Boracay you can try different water sports such as, banana boat, jet ski, para-sailing, kite-boarding, and many others.

Equipment and boat rentals can be found at almost any corner of the island.

Island Tours, Trekking, and Scuba Diving
The seven-kilometer Island Boracay has many place for you to explore. Bat caves and rocky cliffs are just few of the famous attractions in the island.

There are also twenty-five famous dive spots for those who want to explore the deep.

Bar Hopping
There are also many bars across the Island Boracay. For those who would like to party. Bands and performers usually start at 9 in the evening.

Bum around the beach, or have yourself a massage. There are lots of massage parlors around Island Boracay, or better yet, have a massage with the roving locals, offering massage services, while sun bathing.

Souvenir Shopping
Check out Boracay's D'Mall for souvenirs like hand-painted shirts, handicrafts, and other exclusive Boracay stuff.

For those who love trinkets and beads, locals have set stalls along Station 2 to Station 3 with a very low prices.




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